Simply it serves to study away with supports by someone who knows the way.

Why ApplyPedia?

Our associates and colleagues have been helping international Students for over half a century, now we bring this support to Iranian Students. 
Study online vs. study on-campus with Applypedia
On-line! or On-Campus.

ApplyPedia is a Persia leader in international education services. We help Iranian and international students such as yourself to study in the English speaking classes and experience the International Study. Connecting you to the courses you desire to proceed in the most proper university or school located in the fit country, Online or On-Campus.

Expand your Academic and career network with ApplyPedia
Your Network=Your Net Worth

Our vast network of attainable academic and professional career specialists help you identify and grasp the course by which you can prosper. It have created a huge network of opportunities with our associates and colleagues in the well-known eight territories. ApplyPedia serves Iranian Students to study away simply and flexibly.

Scholarships - Self-Coaching
Are you in the idea of consulting a coach in order to be acquainted with requirements and competitive applications to win a scholarship?

We help students make informed choices about their study finance, how to apply for it and manage it online.
Your assigned ApplyPedia counselor will go with you closely to prepare you for your international study and help you every step of the way. With the beginning of your journey with ApplyPedia, you can imagine yourself in an international training center via a gift by the latest technologists’ adventure, Online Learning, and Massive Open Online Courses. So, what are you waiting for? Let begin your particular online learning in the life-wide & life-long learning age with ApplyPedia. 

Our Philosophy 

Academics to Professional careers developing pathway

While the graduation celebrating lies down, a question that strikes most students. What is the next crucial step toward my future life victory? Many students and graduates find themselves overwhelmed with the burden of pick because there are just so many options quickly available. Having mountains of options is a good thing because each can be reflected as a pathway to get you wherever it is you want to go. Here in ApplyPedia, we design the best plan of the pathway based on your potential and preferences (priorities). It is the season of lifelong and life-wide learning. We have a network of offices spread across the top eight territories offering a taste of international education to students seeking adventures with their development pathway. Why not you? ... :-) 

Students’ prosperity is our top priority

We use our comprehensive background in the education enterprise and the cutting-edge technology available to assist you to make the most educated decision possible. ApplyPedia and his international partners collaborate with more than 700 leading universities, academies, and colleges across China, Germany, the UK and her colonies (Canada & Newstralia), and the United States dedicated to provide the most reliable information for Iranian Students to study abroad or research and work overseas. We design some internship programs inside a collaborative learning space between students and foreign academia. 

Our associates, in honor of

USA Education for Iranian students, ApplyPedia
CollegeBoard,usa, for Iranian students, ApplyPedia
ACAC for Iranian students, ApplyPedia
British council - Iranian students, ApplyPedia
HECA- Iranian students, ApplyPedia
Study online in Australia for Iranian students, ApplyPedia
Study in the UK for Iranian students, ApplyPedia
IDP Australia associated with ApplyPedia

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